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Lions, and Tigers, and Bears oh my!

Yesterday the boyfriend and I spent the entire day in the city sightseeing.  We started bright and early with a trip to the zoo.  Now, in terms of levels of obsession, the zoo comes in second behind Disney World for me, so I was practically skipping down the street after we parked the car to get in there.  The bf actually had to ask me to slow down.  The last time I was at the zoo was summer 2007, and three years is just way to long to wait to visit again.

I took about a millions pictures, but I’ll try to just show my favorites on here.  There’s the rhino.

A mama gorilla and her baby that was born a few days ago!

Haha, this one was napping and scratching just like a typical boy ;).

The lions lounging in the sun!

We just missed this tiger fighting with another one, I heard the roar though, and thought it was fake.

Bald Eagle, hooray for America.

Aaaah, the bear is coming to get me, haha.

Sooooo many pretty flamingos!  After a few hours at the zoo, we headed to the complete opposite end of the city to check out the Liberty Bell and all the other historical aspects of the city that Alex had never seen.

In Franklin Square, there was this mini-golf course that featured a Philadelphia attraction at each hole, it was so neat!  I think if it had been a little warmer we would have played.

The Art Museum hole!  And what’s a trip to Philly without a picture with the Phanatic!

We also headed to a little corner, 9th and Passyunk, I don’t know maybe you’ve heard of it?  Haha the bf wanted a “real” Philadelphia Cheesesteak so a visit to either Pat’s or Geno’s was in order.  The line at Geno’s was shorter, and it was starting to get very cold, so it was the winner by default.  Alex claimed he was neither overwhelmed or underwhelmed, but glad he got the experience.

We decided to come back to the suburbs for dinner, and I was still craving Mexican so we headed to this place Lily’s Cocina.  It’s one of my favorite local places, and does a great job creating authentic Mexican food.  I forgot both my phone and camera when we went to dinner, so unfortunately I do not have any pictures of my delicious Chicken Quesadila, but it was very very good.  Alex had a trio of enchiladas and cleaned his plate, so I’m thinking they were pretty delicious also.

A funny thing happened at dinner.  Our waiter came over to greet us, and before I had the chance to look up, I heard “hey Kelly, how are you?”  I look up and it is my ex bfs brother, haha.  It could have been much more awkward then it was, but he was perfectly nice to both me and Alex, and dinner went just fine.  Ah the things that happen in a small town though, haha.

It was an awesome day with the bf, and after dinner we came home and collapsed on the couch watching Remember the Titans.  Today actually ended up being crazy busy as well, but I’ll get more into that tomorrow.  I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Back to the grind tomorrow :(.

12 Responses

  1. I haven’t been to a zoo in forever!! Sounds like a fun weekend!! 🙂 Crazy that you saw your ex bf’s brother!! Small world!!

  2. Yea for the zoo! I never say no to a trip there (but you knew that…ha).

    I love the random touristy days- so much fun!

  3. We went to Genos because the line was shorter. However, they’re self righteous xenophobes, so if ever have to choose, go with Pats.

    Also, I remember the walk up to the zoo being much more exciting when I was 4

  4. Great post! You guys went all over yesterday-hope you had fun!

  5. love that movie! I watch it every time it comes on. 🙂

  6. […] Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, oh my! […]

  7. I LOOOOOVE the zoo too!!! Cute pics.

  8. Haha looks like a 4th grade field trip : ) But I love walking around that part of the city. But Genos? I’m disappointed! Pat’s/Geno’s are tourist traps and the cheesesteaks are poorly made with too much fat. I go Jims on 4th and South – smaller, more finely shredded meat. And indoor seating–better for a day like yesterday!

    • The bf wanted to experience either Pat’s or Geno’s, he’s seen them on the food channel. Next time we’ll try a different place.

  9. Yum to Pats and Genos…I kept telling myself that I was going to have TWO cheesesteaks after the philly marathon last year (nevermind that I’m a vegetarian)…but then I had such a bad race, I just wanted to go home.

    I think I am going to run the Philly Marathon again this year, so I will def have to maybe take a vegetarian break for a cheesesteak or two. Or, three.

  10. Hey Kelly,
    Sorry we didn’t get a chance to talk at the meet up the other night. I was just looking through your blog and this post caught my eye- I take care of those flamingos 🙂

    • Me too! Hopefully there will be another meet up soon, and you take care of the flamingos, omg that is amazing!!! I got to feed the hippos 3 years ago when I was there and it was so awesome.

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