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I got my butt kicked

Physical therapy was 2 hours long last night, and it totally kicked my booty!  It started out normal, with the ultrasound massage and regular massage for my thigh, but we really kicked it up a notch on the strength training.  For my step ups, instead of 3 sets of 15 it was 3 sets of 25.  While just ten more might not seem like that much, when all you have been doing is strength exercises with your right leg, and this is the last thing it is a lot!  I also walked at an increasing incline for 27 minutes before icing down.  I’m not sure how I feel today, my butt is definitely sore (note to self do some step-ups with the left leg or I’m going to become very muscularly uneven) and my hip is tight, but no knee pain.  I just really wish my hip would stop cracking/feeling like it needs to crack every time I move.

Needless to say by the time I finally got home at 7 pm, I was famished!  I had taken some ground beef out of the freezer to thaw before I went, and quickly made some burger patties.

In the mixture is some red onion, garlic, McCormick Spicy Montreal Steak Grill Mates seasoning, and Worcestershire Sauce.  I don’t really measure ingredients, I just kind of eyeballed what looked right.

Five cute little burger balls :).  I always roll them into balls and then flatten them a little once they are on the grill.  I chopped up a zucchini to grill also.

A piece of tin foil sprayed with non stick spray, and the zucchini are seasoned with salt, pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder.

Everything on the grill, cooking away :).  It was so nice to be outside and use my grill for the first time this year.  I see many more grilling experiences in my future.  While the burgers and zucchini were cooking I prepared some fries inside, I mean because, why not?

I made myself a nice juicy cheeseburger last night, the other four burgers are currently sitting in my fridge waiting for me to devour them.

My very full plate of deliciousness.

Now, I’m not usually the “grill master” in my house, but I have to say my burgers and zucchini turned out fantastically.  The burger was still juicy on the inside and not dried out, and the onion and garlic mixed in with the meat gave every bite a huge hit of flavor.  Cooking the zucchini on the grill was exactly like roasting in the oven, except I think the veggies retained a little more moisture this way.  Overall it was a very satisfying dinner after a long and hard (that’s what she said) session of physical therapy.

Tonight I am very excited to be able to go home from work, and not have to go anywhere.  This is the only night this week where that is the case.  I am going to plop my butt on the couch with a cocktail and finally watch Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, and probably a lot of Ghost Whisperer because well I’m obsessed with JLH.  I hope everyone has a great Friday and an awesome weekend!

P.S. I pre-ordered my copy of Caitlin’s Operation Beautiful book, and had to laugh.  Apparently people who ordered this book also bought a Garmin Forerunner 305 and Dear John.  I think I know who the main crowd ordering is :).


30 Responses

  1. haha i also saw that they ordered eat drink and be vegan!

  2. I don’t eat meat, but your burgers looked like they came out great!!!!

  3. What a great dinner! Keith and I are having burger night on Saturday and I already excited!!! 🙂

  4. Impressive grill work, girl!!!!!

  5. The first time I made zucchinni was on the grill- and we fell in love… 🙂

    I never measure ingrediants… ever. Except when I’m baking (that’s a ltitle different). Sometimes it works well, sometimes it’s a mess. Ah that’s life.

    Enjoy the night off! I’m not sure if I’m doing anything or not, but don’t be surprised if I also am watching Food Revolution with a cocktail or glass o’ wine. 🙂

    • Yeah I think it’s more important to measure when baking, and to not use baking powder instead of baking soda and vice versa. Done that before.

  6. I am always impressed by women who grill – there aren’t that many out there! You’ll be such a novelty at barbecues. It’s like a really useful party trick.

    Also, TWO HOURS of PT?!! That’s insane. I guess you’re getting your copays worth of it. I’d almost like to see a noticeably lopsided butt. Not in a dirty way. Just in a Ripley’s believe it or not way.

    • Men never like to relinquish the grill, even if us women can do it better! Haha well I’ll be sure to take a picture of mine, the right leg of my jeans is definitely tighter than the left, so lopsidedness here I come.

  7. oh man those burgers looked PERFECT! how much is caitlins book? ill have to order it as well!

  8. lovely lookin’ burgers! i LOVE that is is grilling season 😉

  9. I love your burgers. Montreal steak seasoning is becoming my most widely used item in the spice rack. Can’t wait to see what else you grill this spring and summer!

  10. I am embarrassed to say that I have no idea how to grill! I guess that’s what living in apartments basically my entire life did to me.

    • Haha I probably wouldn’t either if I wasn’t a control freak in the kitchen and watched over every guys shoulder everytime they grilled something.

  11. haha, i’m totally looking forward to a nice evening of watching food revolution myself! 🙂

    – Beth @ http://www.DiningAndDishing.com

  12. Your burgers sound awesome!!

    My favorite thing to do is grill veggies. Theres just nothing better.

  13. I love burgers and fries!! And love grilled veggies too!! And ummm, I’ve never grilled a thing in my life. I don’t even know how to turn it on!! How embarassing!!

  14. I’m in agreement with everyone else-those burgers look incredible! I am the main cook around here but I’ve never grilled… I’ll have to give it a shot sometime.

  15. So first, the PT does sound intense!! But at least it’s the good kind of intense, you know? At least you are getting those muscles back up to where they were! I can imagine how tough it’s going to be when i whip my leg back into shape too. Yikes.. I haven’t even thought that far yet.
    Your burgers look awesome! I am seriously jealous of your dinners because they look so delicious and comforting. Yum. I think a big burger (er, turkey burger) and fries is like one of my most favorite meals. Ever.
    Food Revolution was awesome!!!! I am officially addicted to that show.
    And that so does not surprise me about the Garmin… ah bloggers 🙂

  16. I want one of those burgers.

    And the zucchini.

  17. I’m getting better at not measuring ingredients. i’m a definite Type A and maybe a little OCD, so it’s baby steps 🙂

    Those burgers look great!

  18. Is there anything better than a freshly grilled hamburger with fries? Seriously? No.

    I love that you always have something that I’m craving for dinner. Burgers and pizza have to be two of the best foods on the planet and I can count on you to produce the best of both of them!

    Glad PT is going well, though I do bet it’s exhausting! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  19. At first I thought, wow 2 hours of physical therapy! That must be wonderful! All the massaging…then I read what you did. And that does not sound nearly as relaxing as I imagined.

    Also, the image of a lopsided butt/thigh made me laugh out loud 🙂

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