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Banished to the Pool

For everyone who told me that doing the elliptical was probably bad for my IT Band also, you were right.  I’m officially banished to the pool and only the pool for at least the next three weeks.  Good thing I already have a bathing suit and goggles, right?  Oh and that sexy swim cap.

For the most part PT was really good, I spent the first 10 minutes laying with a heating pad on my hip and on my leg.  It was delightful, I wanted to take a nap.  Next was a 10 minute massage with the ultrasound machine, this was lovely also, and I wasn’t sure what exactly the purpose was so I googled it.  This is what I found.

“Ultrasound treatments are administered using an electronic device. This handheld device (hooked up to a large machine) emits sound waves at a frequency level far in excess of what human hearing can detect. A gel is spread on the surface of the skin covering the area to be treated. This serves a dual role. It allows the device to move smoothly over the skin without causing any discomfort. But more importantly, it prevents air from coming between the apparatus and the skin. A tight connection maximizes the transmission of the sound waves.

The sound waves travel at different speeds, and with different effects, depending on the tissue they encounter. But the healing outcome is owed to two effects: heat generation in damaged tissue, and acoustic streaming, the latter being the more important.

Heat generation can promote healing, and ultrasound is sometimes used for this effect, but acoustic streaming causes heightened excitability in cell membranes which, in turn, maximizes two processes: the body’s healthy inflammatory response and the body’s development of needed scar tissue.

The inflammatory response is the body’s way of healing (although this process can get out of hand). Ultrasound can improve the body’s efficiency in this process. Likewise, scar tissue development can be an important part of healing an injury, and ultrasound can maximize the efficiency of this process as well, by increasing protein fibroplasia and collagen synthesis.”

After that process, the doc massaged my leg using the gel from the ultrasound for about another 5 minutes.  At this point I felt like I was at a spa, and not a physical therapy appointment, but then we started working.  We did all kinds of different stretches, and during one the doctor actually laughed and sarcastically said “Well, you’re leg isn’t tight at all”.  I was laying on my side while he had my leg pulled behind me trying to straighten it, and it just wouldn’t go anywhere.

After the stretching came strengthening exercises.  First was a bunch of leg lifts with a weight around my ankle, during which we discovered my hip pops while laying on my back and lifting my leg.  Now I’m not allowed to lower below 60 degrees.  We did 3 sets of 10, laying on my back, my left side, and my right side.  Then onto the cable pulley machine, with the weight around my left ankle this time I did front steps with the left leg, side steps, back steps, and crossover steps.  Again 3 sets of 10.  The final exercise was step ups on a plyometric box.  Right foot planted on the box, stepping up and back with a light toe touch on the ground with the left.  3 sets of 15.  This was verrrry tiring for my right leg.  Ten minutes of icing ended my hour and a half long session.

I think on my own time I’m going to have to replicate these exercises with my left leg, just so the right one doesn’t end up a million times stronger than it.  Hopefully doing these exercises for the next 4 weeks kicks my leg back into shape.  Fingers crossed.

Ok, wow I apologize for the absurdly long post, I’ll make the rest quick I promise, and I totes understand if you stopped reading already.  After my appointment, I met my sister over at Cheeseburger in Paradise (my go to place on nice days) for dinner and drinks.

My sister enjoying her Blackberry Sangria, isn’t she pretty?

Me and my giant Paradise Beach Ale, please excuse the no make-up face.  We split the Chicken Nachos as an appetizer.

These were so good, easily some of the best Nachos I’ve ever had.  Then for my main course, I decided to be adventurous and ordered the Caribbean Chicken Sandwich.  It was a jerk rubbed chicken breast served on a wheat bun with Pepper Jack cheese, red and yellow roasted peppers with red pepper aioli sauce.

It was very good, and I like how CIP uses whole wheat buns that don’t seem to be smothered in butter.  They also have a Gluten free section of the menu for those who need it!  While I was eating I ordered another beer, a Landshark Lager this time, but only drank about half of it.  It was a fun night out with my sis.  When we got home I had to shower and pack for the weekend, and you all know how I feel about packing, so it consisted of a lot of flopping on my bed and complaining.  I think I managed to successfully pack enough things for every possible situation though, so we’ll see.

Ok, I swear I’m done now.  I hope everyone has a fantastic Friday, and if you’re off today I hate you.  Well ok, I don’t hate you but I am one very jealous girl.  Hooray for the weekend!

27 Responses

  1. Aww you and your sis look alike!

    And don’t feel bad I have to work too! At least this weekend is going to be insanely awesome weather-wise! Enjoy it!

  2. You and your sister both look so cute!!! 🙂 I am sorry about the IT band situation but if anyone can make a swim cap and goggles look sexy it is definitely you! 🙂

  3. PT sounds super fun…sorry 😦 And I am off today, but I’m going to spend it cleaning my house doing errands so don’t be too jealous!

    I love CIP, haven’t been there in forever. The burgers are good and all but the real reason to go there? Chocolate nachos!!!

  4. i love cheeseburgers in paradise! such a fun place, its been a long time though…i need to go again!

  5. I swear I’m not a missionary to the Church of Looking Like an Asshole, but you should really look into aquajogging if you’re in the pool for so long. Not only do you not have to stick your face in the water, but it more directly mimics running and definitely breaks up the monotony of swimming. Since I’m not a great swimmer, I also found I got a better workout from water running. Truth. You do not have to be 80 years old with a flowered swim cap to do it.
    In other news, you and your sister are gorg and I’m jealous of your drinks. Yes.

    • Hahaha I laughed out loud so hard at this at work. Thank you 🙂 Yeah my PT said that I should in fact aqua jog, and do jumps and stuff in the pool too. So I’ll probably join you in the looking like an asshole aspect, it should be exciting.

  6. I love it when I get to spend time with my sister like that! You two are beautiful!

    I am googling CIP right now to see where the closest on to me is – that food looks rediculously good!

  7. I bet the PT will be so worth it and helpful in the long run! Don’t apologize for posting about it, I love hearing about your progress and how you’re doing physically!
    I also loooove that you had the best meal on Earth with your sis at Cheeseburger in Paradise!! You both are so beautiful!!! How do you look so good with no makeup?!? Gorgeous skin, girl!

    I’m so into that caribbean chicken sandwich I can hardly contain myself. Great pick!

    Happy Friday, love!

    • I like to refer to my beauty routine of never washing my face except while in the shower, it works wonders 😉 Ok that’s a lie sometimes I don’t even wash it then. The sandwich was so good, I polished off the entire thing.

  8. You make visits to the physical therapist sound wonderful. Just sayin’…

    Sorry about being off the elliptical. I may pout a little more about not getting to run in this awesome weather if you’d like to join me.

    And I used to go to a place for happy hour that served long islands in mugs that were just as large. LOVE. Looks like you and your sister had fun! And are both too cute… 🙂

    I did pack for every situation as well. But I guess it’s easier for me since I took a car and it sort of looked like I lived out of it yesterday. So unpacking will be just as pleasurable, I’m sure…

    • I will totally join you in a pity parade. Yup I’m bringing the big suitcase this time, and it probably won’t get unpacked until I need it again. Mmmm Long Islands, I could go for one of those right now.

  9. Hope the PT treatments work for you.

    I agree with the other commenters, you and your sister do look alike.

  10. Isn’t massage the best part of physical therapy!? :). I used to get PT on my shoulder, which actually didn’t help but I did enjoy my weekly massage greatly! 🙂

    You and your sis are so cute…so alike!

    – Beth @ http://www.DiningAndDishing.com

  11. You look beautiful with no makeup.
    Sucks that you can only rock out in the pool but it will build up new muscles! wahooo!

    happy easter. have fun at both your celebrations this weekend.

  12. Your sister is so cute!! And her sangria looks delicious. I LOVE sangria…yum!!
    So sorry about the elliptical. But I do understand. At least you can swim!! It’s something!! And we know how hard of a work out swimming can be!
    PT sounds interesting. I’m kinda nervous/excited about it even though I have a while yet before I can start PT. It’s cool to hear about it from you first!
    Have a great weekend!

  13. That ultrasound massage sounds pretty nifty! I hope it helps!

    I used to love Cheeseburger in Paradise, but the one here closed down. Bummer.

    You and your sister are adorable!

  14. You and your sister are so cute! And you have the same smile.

    At least swimming is fun right? Im a horrible swimmer (probably doesnt help that I cant put my face in the water without plugging my nose) but I can float with the best of them!! 🙂

  15. This post is awesome. Thank you! I just got a one hour massage and OMG my knee and IT band feel so good right now! I am not going to run for 10 days, per your suggestion of 2 weeks (I do have a race in 3 weeks so I hopefully 10 days will be enough). THANK YOU!

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