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To dye or not to dye

Hoooray, it’s Friday!  Friday mornings are always interesting for me.  I tend to still treat Thursday nights as if they are the first day of my weekend, I blame college and typically never having Friday classes, while I don’t go out I tend to drink a lot more wine/vodka then I normally would.  I didn’t have any vodka last night, but I did manage to drink almost a whole bottle of wine.  Whoops.  I have that problem, once I open the bottle I keep going back for more and then the whole thing is gone.  That happened last night, so this morning I am dragging and have a headache. Boo.  However, it is Friday which means Starbucks Day!  It was a sad day this morning, I used the last .67 cents on my gift card.  I had been using that $100 since Christmas, and now I’ll have to start using real money for my morning java jolt.  Sigh.

Now, I typically don’t take pictures of my lunch because they’re usually boring and the same thing every day.  Some sort of turkey or ham sandwich, a piece of fruit, and some other snack, but yesterday I switched it up so I took a picture for everyone to see.

Turkey Vegetable Soup and a salad.  Now, I didn’t make this soup so I don’t know exactly what is in it but here is the general idea.

  • Ground Turkey
  • Potatoes
  • Peas
  • Celery
  • Corn
  • Zuchinni
  • Some other random stuff

The salad was pretty standard for me, lettuce, baby spinach, peppers, carrots, black beans, cheeese, and balsamic dressing.  It was fun to switch up my lunch, I should try doing it more often, sadly I am very lazy in the mornings and like to squeeze out every minute of sleep I can possibly get sooooo I probably won’t.

Last night I made a new favorite of mine again, Tofu Lo-Mein!  At Trader Joe’s on Monday, I picked up some Asian Rice Stick Pasta for this very meal.  I liked it soooo much more than just with regular whole wheat spaghetti.

Also, pre-cubed Tofu is my new best friend.  I used a whole teaspoon less of red pepper flakes this time, but this dish is still so spicy.  By the end of dinner, I was sweating, haha.  Looks like next time I’ll only be using one.  This recipe serves 8, and clearly I am only one person, so there is like a pound leftover in my fridge.  I guess we all know what I’ll be eating all weekend.

Ok, now moving on to the most important aspect of this morning, my hair.  I have extreme hair ADD, and get bored with it all the time.  Seriously, it’s probably been every different color from blonde, to red, to black, and varying lengths also.  Now, it’s been its current color (my natural dark brown) since ooooh say Dec 2008 which is impressive for me, but as we approach spring and then summer I’m beginning to debate highlights again.  I can’t decide if I really want to do it though.  What do you all think?




Help Please!  Alright, I hope everyone has a fantastic day!  Shock of all shocks the area is going to be hit by another Nor’easter today, just rain this time, no snow.  So if you need me, I’ll be trying not to float away.

21 Responses

  1. hmmm…. that’s a tough one! I’ve also been every shade of blonde/brunette there is (yeah… almost platinum was not a good look for me…). And I’ve just been letting the natural happen for the last two years- until my urge to do something different recently. I chickened out twice already. Ugh. I know they say to “go lighter” in color for the summer, but I think I’m going to “go darker” a couple shades instead to switch it up. I think I have some sort of vision to look all dark and tan and Italian or something… lol.

    I say darker- go against the grain a little. 😉 Plus, if you don’t like it, it’s always easier to take the color out and lighten it with highlights than to put it back in after you’ve died it blonde. That’s what I’ve learned…

    • Haha, I cannot picture you almost platinum, you should post a pic of that. That’s true it is easier to lighten it then to try and make it stay dark over growing out highlights… decisions, decisions.

      • Maybe I will… ugh. I thought I was soooo cute, but now I just kinda wince. I think I did that just to defy my mom. And it was part of my earlier college experience, so I’ve got the extra “cheeky” beer weight going on… ewwww! :p

        I’m sure if I actually don’t chicken out of dying it again, it’ll be a good addition to a post about it. 😀

      • Hey, anything to make a good post! Haha, I had my hair in a blonde bob a few years ago, not a good look with “cheeky” beer weight as you put it. I still want to see!

  2. Hey! The Lo Mein looks delicous.

    And omg, I totally view Thursday nights as the first night of the weekend. IT was definitely college that did that to me. Heck, some weeks in college I considered Wednesday night to be the weekend! 🙂

    I like darker on you better, but you look good blondish too! I say change it up, I know how Hair ADD feels and change ecan be good.

    • Well, let’s be serious was there any night of the week in college that wasn’t considered the weekend? Thanks for the opinion on my hairs!

  3. Brunette…but can I just say that you look smokin HOT in both those pictures!! 🙂

  4. Seriously! Glamor shot alert!
    I personally like the dark brown, but there’s nothing wrong with a change for the sake of change. I say switch it up. Hair choices are ones that don’t track you down years from now with stinging regret.

    • Haha thank you, I totally made sure to pick pics where I’m tan and dressed up. One is from my moms 50th b-day and the other from my boyfriend’s 25 b-day.
      Oh, there are definitely some hair choices I regret. Like chopping it off into a bob when I was 25lbs overweight. Nothing makes a fat face look fatter than hair that stops at chin level… yikes.

  5. I like the brown better but both are nice.

    I’ve been known to do the same thing with a bottle of wine!

  6. I love the blonde for the warmer months! That’s my vote 🙂

    – Beth @ http://www.DiningAndDishing.com

  7. I think you are Catherine Zeta-Jones stunning with dark hair. That’s my take on it. You are lucky that you can legitimately pull off both colors, though. Most people can’t!

  8. I would totally hit that.

  9. Good Lord you’re pretty! I love both hair colors to be honest, but I’m leaning to brunette. It really really suits you! Can’t wait to see what happens!

  10. Brunette all the way. Have you ever gone brown/red? Yeah, that would look hot!

  11. Your hair looks AMAZING dark!

    I have hair ADD too – Ive had every shade from crayola orange (that was an accident) to blue black (also an accident). Then I stopped making the color decisions and gave my hairdresser full reign. Best move ever.

    I havent colored my hair since the summer though, its looking pretty rough, but Im trying to let my natural color grow out. Turns out my natural color involves a lot of grey.

  12. I would love to be able to pull off a dark chocolate brown but it makes me look washed out — so my vote is brunette just cuz I can’t be one!

    I too was hurtin’ on Friday morning (and taking pictures of my food in my office); glad I wasn’t the only one. 😉

  13. Hmm… that is hard girl!!! You are one of those girls who can pull off both. My natural hair color is a, well I refer to it as a crappy brown. Blech. Yours however is gorgeous!!!! I’d kill for that color. I like the highlights but I wouldn’t go too light with them.

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