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Spring Feverrrrrr

As far as Tuesday’s go, yesterday wasn’t really all that bad.  For one, it was the first day of my work week (woopsiesnokeysgotlockedout), and two it was absolutely gorgeous outside.  Nothing made me happier than getting in my car and seeing this:

It’s actually only 4:23, but I never figured out how to change the clock in my new car, and well we’re so close to having to change them again now so why bother.  Then I did something I haven’t done in probably a good 5 months, this:

Hellllllllllloooo open sunroof!  Oh it was glorious, tanning and beach weather is just around the corner.  Ok, well maybe not quite but it did feel amazing to walk out of work carrying my coat and scarf instead of huddled down in them.  I wanted to take full advantage of the nice weather, I think it’s supposed to rain the rest of the week, so I got ready for a lovely run outside.  As I was putting on all my gear, iPod, heart rate monitor, Garmin, and knee brace I realized I looked absolutely ridiculous.  I think “army babe” was how to bf described me.  No, I am not going out to navigate through jungles and deserts, just my neighborhood.

That’s my new IT Compression Band.  I liked it, it definitely did it’s job in keeping everything from rubbing together uncomfortably.  It was weird when I first put it on, I felt like my leg was part rubber band and something was making it spring forward, but I got used to it.  Here are yesterdays stats, not very impressive, but something.

2.22 miles
Avg Pace: 9:05
Avg HR: 152
Max Pace: 5:36
Max HR: 176
Cals: 242

After that run, I threw the rest of my workout gear in the car and drove over to the gym to get in some cardio on the elliptical, and then do some abs and weights.  My feet fell asleep 10 minutes into my elliptical workout, and I was so bored and not feeling like I was getting a workout at all.  So, I moved over to a treadmill.  I ran one more mile at 8:49 pace and then called it quits on cardio for the day.

Dinner was a combination of things ya’ll have seen on here before.  Leftover TJ’s Mac and Cheese from Monday night, and Fiber One Chicken Tenders.   They’re just so good and easy to make!  For dessert I had some of the TJ’s peanut butter filled pretzels, no picture because I made them disappear.  They might be the first thing involving peanut butter that I’ve eaten and enjoyed in years.  I know, I know, how can I not like peanut butter.  I’m working on it, don’t excommunicate me.

Tuesday nights revolve around LOST in my world, as you might have noticed, and last nights episode revolved around Ben.  Not really my favorite episode by any means, but still pretty good.  And we learned that Charles Widmore and his ridiculously fake looking sub are almost at the island, and also that Jack and Richard cannot blow themselves up.  I think I have to go watch again.

Alright everyone, Happy Hump Day!  Oh, wait!  One last thing.  Is Lindsay Lohan serious with her e-Trade lawsuit.  Girl, you are not the only Lindsay out there, in fact you’re not even the 3rd one I think of when I hear the name Lindsay.  Ok, now I’m done.

20 Responses

  1. What exactly does your compression band do for you? Do you think it helps you run a little faster & more comfortably??

    I left work at around 8:30 yesterday and it was still 60 degrees (according to my car) and I was seriously SO happy! Of course by the time I got home it was only 53 degrees but I was still pumped! Spring is just right around the corner!!

    • It’s supposed to put compression on the IT band to keep it from rubbing painfully on your bone. It definitely allowed me to run more comfortably, but I still just stayed at my normal pace.

  2. Hot knee strap.
    I thought I was missing something with the LiLo thing when I first read it. Like, seriously? You are the only weirdo addict person with the name? What if they spelled it with an “e” in the script? But then I took another look at her poor, collagen-injected orange face, and decided to feel bad for her. Because she really was terrific in “The Parent Trap.”

    • Isn’t it though? haha. Yeah, LL is straight up crazy. She must really need the money. And “The Parent Trap” was for sure a great movie. Watched some of it the other day.

  3. I have seen those IT band knee straps…I am so glad it is helping!! That makes me happy for you….

  4. hahahha love your lindsay lohan rant. 😉

  5. Gettin all sassy huh. “ooo girl you did not just sue etrade!”

    You totally left out the part about how the Asics girl had a super thick Russian accent that made it seem even more like Rocky 4.

  6. I actually have never changed the clock in my car. I just let it go (as an hour early or an hour behind) until it bugs someone else and they change it. Lazy? Maybe.

    Knew you’d appreciate those pb pretzels… mmm! 🙂

  7. I feel the same way when I head out on a run. But I would be lost without my gadgets. I want a Garmin sooo bad. I might just order one today even though I promised myself I would wait until next month.

    Yay for Spring weatha!!

    • I love mine, I was going to order one for myself, then my boyfriend yelled at me to not because he had already bought one for me, haha.

  8. Yay for the open sunroof! It’s about time, New England!
    I want to try those peanut butter pretzels, people go crazy over them so I imagine I would too- anything with peanut butter filling is heavenly.
    Good job on the run!
    And I laughed about LLohan. She’s crazytown.

  9. Thank for stopping by my blog girl!!! Loving yours so far!
    oh gosh… felt the same about the weather yesterday! I was able to open my sun roof too and it was AWESOME!!! Can’t wait til summer!!

    I went to TJ’s today for only the 2nd time and one of my finds was that Mac and Cheese! Can’t wait to try it!

    (gosh I just realized I use a lot of exclamation points…oops! <- Gah. I just can't stop myself.)

    • Thanks for commenting! I love your blog also. That Mac and Cheese was really good, I liked it a lot and will definitely buy it when I go back. Haha, no worries I use a lot of exclamation points also.

  10. I know, right? I can’t believe she thinks that when people hear the name Lindsey, they think of her. I definitely don’t.

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