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My Google Reader is exploding!

Wow, today is the first chance I have had to log onto a computer since I left work Friday. I missed my blog and you fellow bloggers! I have many, many things to share, and instead of trying to sum up the entire weekend in this one post I’m going to split it up between today and tomorrow. I also have over 100 things waiting for me in my Google Reader, eeeeek!

My friend Brandon was a theatre major in college, and this weekend was the opening weekend of his latest play. Measure for Measure. So me, the bf, their other roommate, and a few other friends headed out to Long Island City to catch the Friday night performance. I really enjoyed the play, and Brandon did a terrific job as the Duuuuuke (Go Dukes!). I was one of the smart ones who read the synopsis before the play started, because as with any Shakespeare play unless you know the story line it is sometimes hard to understand what is going on. It was fun to get to watch him in such a personal space, although it is sometimes hard to keep the giggles in. Sorry Brando!

Since we had plans to wake up early for the Hoboken St. Patty’s day festivities on Saturday, we had all planned to “take it easy” on Friday night, and I don’t know about you guys but every time I utter that phrase I end up extremely tanked. Finally a little after 1 am, and a few pitchers of beer later, the bf and I managed to escape the bar and head home. Apparently the other two boys didn’t come home until 3:30, I’m very glad I left when I did, when the alarm went off at 8 am I didn’t immediately burst into tears.
Now Hoboken. I’m not exactly sure where to start here. The journey out of NYC to NJ wasn’t so bad, the PATH train wasn’t nearly as crowded as I expected it to be, and we walked along to water to get to our friend Sean’s apartment, which is completely gorgeous, btw. We got to Sean’s around 10:30 and a bunch of the boys immediately cracked and shotgunned their first Natty Lights. I took a slower pace and just drank mine normally.

Sean provided us with some green bagels for sustenance throughout the day, and they were yummy. By the end of the party I probably ended up eating a whole one. Meh, whatever, needed something to soak up the beer. The party was a really fun time, lots of card games and sporting event watching.

Here’s a fun one of the bf and I mid-way through the party.People who loveeeeee day drinking! I totally munched on a Chocolate Chip Cliff Bar mid-afternoon to hold me over until dinner. It was amazing, and I would very much like to order an entire box. I tried to meet up with my friend Ashley at a bar called Black Bear, but I don’t know if her phone wasn’t working but I couldn’t get in touch with her, and when I got to the front of the line to go into the bar, they asked me for $30 and I was like oh hell no. So the bf and I hightailed it out of NJ and back to the other side of the river. Conveniently, one of the PATH stops was right near one of Alex’s and mines new favorite places to stuff our faces. Rockwell’s Express. This time I did not even mess around with the healthier choice of the grilled chicken sandwich and went right for the burger. I ordered mine with American Cheese, onions, bacon, lettuce, and mayo. The bacon, cheese, onions, and bacon were all mixed in with the burger meat so you got a deliciously tasty bite every time. Sorry the picture is blurry, I might have been a little drunk.

And of course fries. These fries are sooooo good, they have sweet potato fries also which the bf usually gets, and then we share!

After this, we were both totally ready to head back to the apartment and take a little breather. Somehow, and do not ask me how, we managed to pull it together and actually go out on Saturday night. We met up with some of the others that were with us in Hoboken earlier and the day and hung out for a little while, and then really came home and crashed. It honestly felt like there were two Saturdays of this weekend. It was exhausting. Miraculously, the bf and I woke up on Sunday feeling pretty good and decided to keep with our original plan of going for a run together. I was a little skeptical about an NYC run because I hate having to start and stop and well obviously there are tons of lights in the city, but we walked down to the East River and there was an awesome path running all along it!

Sunday was gorgeous, and we had to stop at one point so I could take off my long sleeve t-shirt. I forgot how fun it was to run with someone else, I didn’t even wear my iPod, hopefully he will want to run with me again. Here were our stats:

2.45 miles
Avg Pace: 9:41
Max Pace: 3:51? ummm, that sounds very fast, must have only last for a very short time
278 Cals
Avg HR: 161
Max HR: 180

We both agreed that out and back runs suck, so we ran the whole 2.45 miles out and just walked back. I wish I had thought to bring my camera with me to take some pics along our run, but I didn’t. For next time I definitely will. The best part was running under three of NYC’s major bridges. I almost, almost attempted the run by myself today, but I chickened out. Alex told me he saw pepper spray the other day and thought of me and almost bought it, isn’t that sweet? Haha. Ok, I have much more to write about tomorrow like my trip to the Asics store for my foot and stride analysis, my first trip to Trader Joe’s, and how I ended up stranded in NYC for another night. I’m off to catch up on what ya’ll were up to over the weekend. See ya!

10 Responses

  1. Those green bagels kinda look like moldy man parts. just saying.

    I ate a Boston Cream too! So good.

    Cute that you and the bf went running together. I always love that.

  2. I’ve been looking for pepper spray! I worry so much about being attacked when I’m running.

    I’m loving the green bagels.

  3. OH MY GOD!! I need that burger in my life! It looks incredibly delicious! Nothing better than a burger with cheese, bacon and mayo!
    Glad you had a fun weekend!

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  5. Your weekend sounded like it was SO much fun!! I’m glad you had a good time!
    (and I’m a HUGE fan of day drinking! In college we used to throw a party during the summer called Kegs & Eggs…we’d supply the Keg if they supplied the Eggs! It was always a huge hit!)

    • Ahhhh kegs and eggs, those were the days. And bagels and mimosas, that was another thing we would do. I can not hang nearly as well as I used to back hen I was in college.

  6. I just realized that little map of our run is like 1/13th of the marathon

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