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Why is packing so hard?

Packing. Is. The. Worst.  Really, I hate it.  Ok, that’s not true.  It’s not so bad when I can bring my giant suitcase and throw as many shoes and pairs of jeans in there that I want.  Packing for a weekend in NYC however, is much more difficult.  You have to keep in mind train travel, dragging your shit through hell, I mean Penn Station, and trying to either take the subway or hail a stupid taxi.  Here are just some of the debacles I’ve faced on recent visits.

  1. When getting up to leave the train in Penn Station, my Nike duffel bag strap broke leaving me with no way to carry my very heavy bag of crap.  The bf later rigged it with a shoe lace for my return home.
  2. On Valentine’s Day weekend, I was using a huge brown shopping bag from Ann Taylor to carry some food, an XBox, and other various items that wouldn’t fit in my broken Nike duffel, and the handles ripped off.  Leaving me with an hour and a half train ride to figure out how to carry an XBox, bag of food, purse, and duffel all by myself.  My arms were sore for the next two days.
  3. Ever try to fit your large sized suitcase on a crowded train leaving NYC after a holiday weekend, at the same time the entire city is trekking to the Meadowlands for the last Jets game at Giant Stadium?  Yeah, enough said.

So, back to me last night sitting on my bed staring into my open closet, and then at the empty suitcase on the floor, at the closet, at the suitcase.  It went like this for probably a good 30 minutes until finally my sister came in and asked what the hell I was doing.


“Really?  There’s nothing in your suitcase, and you’re just sitting there.”

“I know, I’m trying to pick out outfits.”

Since I’ve grown tired of lugging around a broken bag with no shoulder pad that hurts my arm, I resigned to using my small Vera Bradley carry on suitcase.  Which means, I can fit one, maybe two pairs of small shoes, one pair of pants, and a few tops.  My running sneakers were the first things to go in, they took up half the suitcase.  I managed to squeeze the rest of these things in also.

  • A pair of Tory Burch flats
  • One pair of jeans
  • Two light-weight sweaters
  • A zip up hoodie
  • Running clothes

That’s it.  The suitcase is still laying open on my floor waiting for toiletries, a straightener, blow dryer, and makeup, but it’s full.  Packing, I hate you.

Ok, moving on.  (Does anyone watch Greek?  Haha, Katherine is my favorite, and I love the way she always says moving on).  I ran again last night, hooray!  It was colder, and windier, but still relatively warmer than it has been, as in it was 42 instead of 22.

2 miles
223 cals
Average Pace: 8:47
Max Pace: 6:45
Average HR: 154
Max HR: 179

After my quick run, I came home stretched, and popped in my Yogalosophy DVD.  I couldn’t really do the lunges section, as bending my right knee like that sent some shooting pains up my leg, but I did the rest of the 30 min workout. I won’t be running today or tomorrow, but hopefully on Sunday the bf and I will have a chance to get out and run along the water.

Dinner was kind of weird.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat any turkey sandwiches today, blah Lent, so I decided to have on last night for dinner, and some corn and macaroni salad.

I threw the rest of my leftover salad mixings, lettuce and peppers, from the other night onto the wrap as well as the turkey and a slice of swiss cheese.  I was going to heat it up, but I was too lazy.  It was alright, kind of boring and really felt more like lunch.

Ok, I think I’ve rambled on for long enough.  I’m off to NYC after work today, and then tomorrow is the annual Hoboken St. Patty’s Day parade.  Hopefully I will not fall down any hills and split my chin open, yes that actually happened one year.  Wish me luck, this girls bank account cannot afford any $2000 fines.  Happy Friday everyone!

St. Patrick's Day in October party, Fall 2006. Yes, I am standing on a chair.

24 Responses

  1. I love corn. And I love being Irish. Are you Irish?

    Packing sucks because it forces you to limit the scope of your future choice, to put it in contract law terms. And it involves cramming stuff in a small space. UGH.

    • Packing is a regret waiting to happen.

      Whenever I’m packing I think about how sweet it would be to have an entourage so I could just pack like 5 of those huge LV suitcases for my assistant to drag around while browsed in Hudson News

    • I’m about as Irish as they come! Although, I get asked all the time if I’m Italian. Which I’m not. At all.

  2. I over pack every single time. It doesn’t matter. Even if it’s just one night, I pack for every situation possible. Turns out I’m not completely perfect… 🙂

    And I watched Greek religiously every single week until about a year ago when I gave it up for the CBS lineup. I still love it- so I need to start renting the seasons!

    • See, that’s what I wish I could do. And if I’m driving somewhere I totally overpack. But it’s just such a pain and the ass to take mass transportation with tons of shit.

  3. I think bad St. Patrick’s day experiences are a necessary part of life 😉 I passed out in the basement of my gym a couple years ago. Classy.

    Also, regarding packing: I dragged all my luggage on the LIRR after the NY marathon. Fortunately my legs weren’t too trashed at that point, but I took up a ton of room and my friend brought a bottle of champagne and spilled all the ice all over the place. It was classy.

    • Haha, oh they totally are. I also once spit Irish car bomb out all over the floor at my guy friends apartment. They were not happy. And dragging your luggage on the LIRR after a marathon sounds like torture. I can’t even imagine.

  4. Wooo! Have fun in the Ho. Don’t get peed on. I hear that is a problem.
    I also hate packing. I am a chronic, terrible overpacker. I used to blame it on running crap, but then I noticed I would pack two different sweaters and three shirts…for one night.

    • Haha, I will do my best to not get peed on. That would make me a very unhappy camper. And I have three green shirts packed for Saturday, and then one other sweater. I swear though I always end up with nothing to wear.

  5. Good run!!!

    I don’t like packing either…it is such a process! But I hate unpacking more!! Have a GREAT weekend, Kelly!

    • Oh, don’t even get me started on unpacking. I usually stay packed until I need the bag again. It’s bad. You have a great weekend too!

  6. I LOVE NYC! there I said it! & I typically wait until the last minute to pack and then I just pack everything I own into one duffle bag! Needless to say – have fun in the city!

  7. Have fun in New York! I hate packing too…

  8. ouch your poor chin! fingers crossed nothing like that ever happens again! i wish i was packign for nyc right now….i love it there! have fun :). you have an awesome blog name, for the record!

  9. I think the only thing worse than packing is unpacking. Its like putting away laundry. So not fun.

  10. You’re so cute, I love that picture of you. When I traveled to australia for four months I packed a huge ass duffel bag rather than a huge ass back pack. Every excursion sucked!

  11. […] out with my sis.  When we got home I had to shower and pack for the weekend, and you all know how I feel about packing, so it consisted of a lot of flopping on my bed and complaining.  I think I managed to […]

  12. […] I have to pack, and you all know how much I enjoy that.  I’m trying to avoid the overpacking this trip since not only will I be lugging crap on a […]

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