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Taking some advice

So taking some advice from comments I’ve received, I decided to switch some things up last night.

Those are my old kicks, and yup that’s right, I’m on pavement.  I decided to go for a little run outside and see how that felt.  After reading some of your comments, it did occur to me that this IT band pain really started when I replaced my old Asics with a new pair of Asics GT 2140s.  Does anyone else run in those? I’m heading up to NYC this weekend, and will hopefully get to check out the new Asics store and get a foot and stride analysis done to make sure I’m in the right shoes.

Since I was running outside, that meant I got to use this for the first time!  The bf gave it to me for Valentine’s Day, and it has been calling my name from inside it’s pretty little Garmin box since then.

Notice all the snow still behind my arm?  It really is every runners best friend.  I honestly felt like I was out running with someone, because I was constantly checking the watch for my pace and distance.  I realized, I run much faster outside then when I’m on a treadmill, also I don’t nearly concentrate on my breathing enough when I’m outside.  I’ll have to work on that.  Anyway, I have definitely developed Garmin addiction, and now I just want to use it more and more.  Unfortunately, I think I pushed it a little too hard the past two days because I am so tight today.  I can feel every step pulling in my knee and lower thigh, and there is a giant knot that I have been trying to massage out.  I think I will be buying a foam roller today.  Looks like tonight will be a rest day with some stretching.  But, just for fun here are yesterdays stats.

19.22 minutes
2 miles
216 cals
Average Pace: 9:41
Average HR: 144 bpm
Max Pace: 6:45
Max HR: 177 bpm

Due to Ashley’s birthday lunch, and chocolate chocolate cake yesterday, I was not hungry at all for dinner, and just threw together a salad.

  • 1 Chicken Breast (shared with my sister) coated in Fiber One bread Crumbs (honestly smashing the cereal with a flashlight was my fav part, not that I have pent-up aggression or anything)
  • Yellow Pepper
  • Red Pepper
  • Corn
  • Lettuce
  • Spinach
  • Carrots
  • A little bit of Weight Watchers Mexican cheese
  • Reduced Fat Catalina dressing

It was delicious.  Catalina dressing is one of my favorites to use on salads, and especially taco salad.  It went really well with this chicken also, and then I continued to destroy a chocolate snowman by eating his torso.  Ok, moving on.

LOST.  Last nights episode might have been my favorite thus far into the season.  Sayid was always one of my favorite characters (so bad ass, and that hair!) and last nights episode was centered around him.  I literally wanted to reach into the TV and strangle Kate when she went to go try and get Claire.  Really Kate?  You didn’t realize something was seriously wrong with her when she was sitting there singing to herself looking at you all evilly?  I see a Clair/Kate cat fight in the future.  Only ten episodes left!  When this show ends it will be a sad day in the life of Kelly.

Welp, happy hump day everyone have a great one!


16 Responses

  1. Good work on the outside run! Hopefully the foam roller will work it’s magic… 😉

    And I’m definitely getting a stride analysis the next pair of shoes I buy- the Nike’s I have are ok, but I’m thinking it’s time to move on after they’re worn out… they’re starting to annoy the crap out of some of my toes.

    • Thanks! I don’t care if I have to wait for hours. I want to hear what they have to say about my feet and stride. I loved my old Asics, I’ll be sad if I have to stop using my new ones.

  2. Yeah, that’s the perfect way to smash Fiber One. Did you switch the light on and off at all? 🙂

    I love corn on salads. I love its indigestible hull and all.

    • Haha yeah totally did accidentally every time I would smash. Corn on salads is one of my favorite toppings, I wish it had more nutritional value.

  3. Yay!

    Keep up with the icing/stretching. If you don’t have a stick, I highly recommend one.


  4. Haha, I love the thought of you using the flash light on the fiber one! Best tool around!
    And Catalina dressing is great! It’s been so long since I’ve had it, I almost forgot about it! I’ll have to get some. Salads like that make me happy!

    I swear by Asics, but I bet the new ones are what’s causing your soreness!

    • Hey I make do with what I can. Yeah I loved my old Asics, and I thought these were the exact same, but maybe not. I can’t find a make on the old ones. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that switching helps.

  5. Woo! Yay for running outside. It’s where all the cool kids do it.
    I JUST started watching Lost (season 1, episode 1) on Netflix instant demand. I know, Johnny come lately. But it’s a little disheartening to know I have to plow through a bajillion seasons of nonsense to get to the answers part of the show.

    • Oh, it will go faster than you think. I started watching late also, and managed to watch the first 3 seasons in one summer before season 4 started. It’s addicting, and then you can’t stop. I already asked my boyfriend if we could start watching it over from the beginning when it ends this year.

  6. Awesome Kelly!!! I am so glad you had a good run!! Definitely take advantage of the foam roller and try to do something…maybe walking this afternoon or an easy spin on the bike. This will help get that lactic acid build up out!

  7. I LOVE running outside. I cant run on a treadmill, my ADD wont allow it!

  8. Asics are amazing! I hope they can tell you what is happening!

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