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Progress, I guess

So last nights workout was supposed to look like this:

1.5 M jog
5x400m, 2 min recoveries
1.5 M jog

Instead, it was this:

Walk for 5 min at 4.4 mph
Run until 2 miles at 6.0 mph
Walk for cooldown
25 min on the elliptical

Not really the same thing at all.  The good news is I almost ran a full 2 miles, the bad news is that by the end my knee was hurting.  I just really want to be able to run my race in May, that is the goal I am working towards.  Mad props though to the guy running next to me.  He had 1 prosthetic leg and was still putting down some serious mileage.  So motivational.

Over the weekend, we finally booked our house for our summer vacay to the Outer Banks in North Carolina.  I am very excited to spend a whole week lounging on the beach reading.  Check out how sweet our place is!

Just Beachy!

Our private pool

My dream living room, looks straight out of a Pottery Barn catalog



Hopefully my room

My last vacation was January 2009, so I am very excited.  We will be there from July 3 – July 10 for the 4th of July holiday.  And then, my 25th birthday is the next week.  I am so excited for summer, it can’t come soon enough.

Are any of you all going on fun summer vacations?

They say it’s going to be in the 50s this weekend!  Bring on the springtime temps, and get this stupid snow out of here.  Hope everyone has a nice Tuesday, today is my friend Ashley’s b-day so we are going out to lunch to our favorite Deli to celebrate.  I’m very excited.

14 Responses

  1. We’re getting a slight heat wave of high 40’s this weekend- couldn’t be more excited!

    And that vacation house is to die for! I haven’t been out of the state of Missouri or Illinois in three years… ugh. Too many staycations apparently…

    And yea for July birthdays! Although I’m sure you’d agree- having a summer birthday in elementary school sucked! 😦

    • Oh man, it was the worst! No cupcakes in class, or balloons. It always made me hate having a summer birthday. I love it now though! I couldn’t imagine not being able to go to the beach.

  2. hey! So my running buddy had some bad IT Band issues last year and it turned out to be her shoe that were causing the problem. She has a low arch so she was in a stability shoe but they were actually making it worse by rolling her over along that outside edge. When she switched to a more neutral shoe, she said all the pain went away. I know everybody’s different but I thought I’d mention it in case any of that sounded familiar! good luck! 🙂

    • Thanks for this! I was wondering if my shoes might have something to do with it. I bought new Asics back in January, and then I started getting the pain. I thought they were exactly the same as my old trainers, but maybe they’re not. Hmm…

  3. I am so glad you were able to run 2 miles. You will get there, Kelly, just hold on!! 🙂

    That beach house looks AMAZING!!! I am super jealous! WOW! We always go to the beach (Texas coast) for vacations. My mom owns a condo there so we always have a free place to stay! Even though the Texas coast isn’t the prettiest a free condo is hard to beat! 🙂

  4. WOW. That house looks freaking awesome. I didn’t have a clue what OBX meant for so long, and I thought it was some kind of bike. Mmm, no. You deserve that vacation.

    Um, and what Poster Marie said… totally happened to me.

    • Haha, yeah I didn’t realize it meant outer banks when I was younger. I’ve been thinking about switching back to my old trainers to see what happens. I bought new ones in Jan, maybe that’s part of the problem.

  5. That place looks amazing!! Totally jealous!

    I plan to spend my summer in my parents pool. Thats about as far Im gonna be able to afford to go. Whatever works right?

  6. Whats a vacation? (No seriously, in 30 years I’ve never been on one. ;p)

    That said, ahhh that looks pretty!

  7. 2 miles is great with your knee! (Though, I’m sorry that it is still hurting).

    And AMAZING house! Your vacation sounds wonderful! My only vacays this year are centered around a half-ironman in june and my full ironman in September. Basically my vacations will be pounding myself into the ground. 🙂

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