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Sleeping with the lights on

Hiya everyone.  Sorry I was MIA yesterday, but I was feeling very lazy, and my laptop was annoying me.  First things first, the answers to my True/False game.

  1. False, but it was very close, I totally did that arm and feet flailing thing
  2. Very, very True.  Personally I think I was awesome, the rest of the bowling alley might disagree
  3. True, the bf had just bought it, and dummy me knocked it over with my elbow sending DC everywhere
  4. False, again, that one is almost true.  But seriously who has a baby in a bowling alley at 10:30 at night?

Besides my sister, who obviously doesn’t count since she was there, Miss EE over at Eggplant Executrix wins!  Congrats!  Wish I could send you something fun, but I am not that cool.

Saturday for lunch, I used up the rest of my black bean burger patties, and made a delicious meal of roasted zucchini, black bean burgers, and sweet potato fries for Alex, Colleen, and myself.

They were both a little skeptical, especial Alex seeing as this “burger” was not real meat, but they both loved them.  We were trying to be healthy and save room for our feast of Chinese food that was coming for dinner.  When Alex and I first started dating, I took him to this restaurant called Duck Sauce during his first visit to suburbia.  It is one of my favorite local un-chain places, and it is BYOB which makes it cheaper.  Ever since that first time, that is the only place he wants to eat dinner when he visits.  We brought my sis along and ate enough food to feed a small country.

Chicken Lettuce wraps (way better than PF Chang's)

Steamed Pork Dumplings

Chicken Lo-Mein, Orange Beef, Vegetable Fried Rice

This last one is my plate.  The three of us shared everything, along with a big bottle of Pinot Noir, and had enough left to bring home as leftovers.  I think all the food made us tired, because we all crashed pretty soon after arriving home from dinner.

I had been begging Alex to watch the movie Paranormal Activity with me for awhile (I’m a huge chicken and would only watch it when he was visiting so I wouldn’t have to sleep alone) and last night we finally had enough time for it.  I think I spent the whole hour and twenty minutes curled up in a ball on the couch sweating.  It was terrifying.  I was so nervous every time night came and they would get ready to go to bed.  Alex was sitting between me and my sister, I’m pretty sure he had no room at all to move between the two of us practically sitting on top of him.  I really liked the movie though, I think it did a good job of scaring the crap out of you.  Unfortunately when it came time to sleep, every time I closed my eyes I pictured this:

That’s the girl main character being dragged out of her bed, and then down the hallway, or I saw this:

She just stands there staring at him for over two hours.  So creepy.  Needless to say, I spent the night pretty much plastered to Alex.  At one point he actually woke me up and asked me to move over.  Apparently he was very hot.  I declined.  I did wake up this morning drenched in sweat.  I was afraid to not be completely bundled in my comforter.  Why I put myself through this I’ll never know.  But I do love watching scary movies.

Do you guys watch scary movies even though they keep you up at night?

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Monday and first day of March.  Hooray for February being over.

19 Responses

  1. I need someone to watch that movie with! I desperately want to see it, but deeeeeeeeeeeefinitely not alone.

  2. You are a braver soul than me! I sing like Whitney Houston in my car… not so much when in public. 🙂

    And I still haven’t seen Shutter Island- partially bc my friend and I haven’t had time to see it yet like we thought we would. And partially because of the whole sleeping alone factor (why I’m not that annoyed by not having time to see it). I’m such a little girl…

    • Get a few drinks in me and I think I am Whitney Houston. I am not. Oh the bf has been making fun of me endlessly because of what a little girl I am being about this movie.

  3. I love scary movies! But, when I saw paranormal activity in the theaters, I seriously jumped out of my seat during the very last moments. Fortunately it didn’t given me lingering nightmares, like Scream did the first time I saw it in middle school… seriously, that movie scared me for like 3 months.

  4. CUTE picture of you two.

    I have trouble watching scary movies because when music changes in any soundtrack and is suddenly loud, I am in agony! Also, I can’t open crescent roll containers because they pop at you.

    High five from a frequent drink spiller…

    • Why thank you. Haha the music does seem to get absurdly loud to build anticipation. Crescent roll containers? Really? Haha, that’s kind of funny. Oh, I spill anything and everything put in front of me.

  5. My tolerance for spooky stops at the “X-Files.” Anything more makes me want to cry. Like “The Ring”? I spent the majority of that with my head pressed into my jacket. Even looking at that screen shot gives me the willies!

    • Haha yeah my sister yelled at me that I should have posted a disclaimer because she didn’t want to see them either. I spent the last 20 min with my hands over my face peeking between my fingers, haha.

  6. No scary movies for this baby…. maybe I could handle it if there was no blood. Was there blood? Your sweet potato fries look professionally done. Yummmm

    • There was maaaaaaaaybe 3 minutes of blood, and not even very much. It was definitely more of a psychological thriller. Thank you! I burnt a few but they still turned out good.

  7. Mmmm your black bean burger lunch looks so so good! I love black beans so I’m sure these would be amazing!
    Secondly, I felt the same way after Paranormal Activity. I was under seven blankets, sweating mind you, but not even considering removing them.
    I love scary movies and I watch all of them, but probably have nightmares every time!! Haha, why do I do this to myself?

  8. I can’t watch scary movies. Even the commercials freak me out, sometimes I have to change the channel.

  9. I told my husband I was gonna mess with him and get up in the middle of the night and just stand over him like that. Bahaha! I’m so mean.

  10. I saw that movie in the theater and by the end I was crying. I actually missed the last bit because I couldn’t keep myself from throwing up unless I closed my eyes. The biggest shocker was the couple who brought their ten year old. He was catatonic at the end, not okay, people. Not okay.

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