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Elliptical trainer, or torture?

Last night at the gym was like a who’s who of people Kelly used to date.  Always fun right?  Meh, not so much.  Although it was amusing when both of them were working out next to each other.  I actually didn’t mind running into the one, we dated about a billion and a half years ago in high school and are friends now, the other one I see there pretty much every day and we just ignore each others existence.  Gotta love small towns.

After two days in a row, I am officially sick of the elliptical.  I originally had the time set for 40 minutes, but when it hit 30 I couldn’t take it anymore and hopped off.  I made my way over to the stair master and did that for the last 10.  I personally break much more of a sweat on the stair master than the elliptical any day.  Then it was time for more stretching and ab work, I threw in some push-ups yesterday also.  Knee is still feeling pretty good, I took a quick jog to the mailbox last night (where I had the cutest card waiting from my old roomie Jill, thanks Jilly!) and didn’t have any pain so everything is looking good for a Monday return to running.

I had been thinking about last nights dinner all day, and could not wait to go home and make it.  Last time I went grocery shopping I picked up a can of black beans, and still hadn’t used them, and after discovering some frozen chicken in the freezer I knew just what I could make.  A nice chicken, cheese, black bean, and veggie quesadilla.

These tortillas are really small, I couldn’t find the medium size, so instead of just filling half and flipping one side over like I normally would I used one tortilla as the bottom, and another as the top.  On there is the black beans, onion, red pepper, orange pepper, and weight watchers Mexican cheese.

All put together with the chicken added.  I used a reduced sodium packet of Old El Paso Taco Seasoning to flavor the chicken, and a spoon-full of fat-free sour cream on the side for dipping.

And there are leftovers, so tonight’s dinner will probably be some sort of variation of this, involving all the same ingredients.  After dinner I settled in on the couch for a long night of Olympics watching.  I was so happy for Lindsey Vonn and her gold medal!  She was absolutely sobbing when they were trying to interview her.  Sadly I fell asleep before the Halfpipe competition ended, and even know I know the results I’m going to try to watch the video clips at some point today.

Happy Thursday everyone!  Only two more days to get through until the weekend!

16 Responses

  1. I panic when I run into old boyfriends and will hide behind things that weren’t meant to hide behind. Hate that.

  2. ahaha- I love the awkwardness of your gym situation.

    I once went to a wedding, looked around, and commented to my friend (not in a bragging but more in a completely horrified tone), “holy crap, I guarantee I’m that person who’s made out with the most people in this room.” Talk about uncomfortable. Thank god for open bar… too bad you didn’t have that at the gym…

    • hahaha isn’t that the best when you realize that, and you just hope that no one else does? I’ve totally done that before also. Sigh, if only the gym had an open bar.

  3. Hey Kelly…thanks for posting on my blog. I have seen you commenting on blogs right above me and I have been meaning to come check you out! I love that dinner…it looks really good!!! 🙂

  4. wow, that quesadilla looks to DIE for!

    BTW, I love your blog heading – running, eating and boozing – I’m definitely on board with that.

  5. I got a shout out in your blog! Yay! Haha glad your card FINALLY arrived and your knee is feeling better 🙂 MISS YOU.

  6. I’ve only had one boyfriend other than TCL. Yep.

    He’s now married with three children and has a creeeepy baby blog. Ew ew ew.

    • That is awful. Every time Kelly makes me watch Marley and Me I get the saddest at that part where Owen Wilson is just sitting in the car because he knows how terrible it is inside with all the yelling kids. We know you have kids people. We’re just being nice, we dont actually care.

      Also the eliptical is 10x times worse for a guy. When I hurt my knee in college I had to use it and it would just be all girls would be on the eliptical and me. And it doesn’t actually do anything since there’s no resistance and momentum does all the work, so it takes like 4 hours of your day to get any actual exercise. The worst.

      • You love Marley and Me, don’t lie. And yeah, I always made fun of any boys on the elliptical at school. It was probably you, sorry about that.

    • Haha, ok I actually laughed out loud at this. That is super creepy.

  7. So glad for you that it looks like you can return to running on Monday! I also hate the elliptical…but, hopefully you will be done with it very soon!

  8. […] for dinner I had a hankering for quesadillas: (not as good as Kelly’s looked, but they were pretty good on short notice with no food in the fridge!): green chile, salsa, […]

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