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I feel like me again!

I was a little nervous heading into the gym last night, I didn’t want my knee to start hurting five minutes into my workout.  I made sure to stretch before even attempting to get on the elliptical.  My gym unfortunately doesn’t have foam rollers, so I made do with a medicine ball, and rolled it along my IT band to work out the tightness.  Man, I could really feel where it was tight along my thigh, but it felt good.   I did 45 minutes on the elliptical, and was bored out of my mind.  I just kept staring at the people on treadmills wishing I was one of them.  Next week hopefully.  I stretched out again after, and did some abs and called it a day.  No reason to push it on the first day back, plus I was hungry and couldn’t stop thinking about dinner.  [Happy to report that my knee is still feeling good this morning.]

Dinner was extremely random.  Since both my mom and I were away all weekend there is absolutely no food in our house, and I thought I was going to have to figure out what I could make with Gatorade, cheese, and yogurt…. gross.  Then I discovered a can of tuna in my pantry, and some lettuce, spinach, and veggies in the crisper, and decided on a tuna melt and salad.

Half a can of tuna, one slice of fat-free American cheese, and a small whole wheat wrap.  In the salad there are carrots, orange pepper, red pepper, and cucumber with light Italian dressing.

I’m really annoyed, I had this huge bag of lettuce and it started to turn brown after a few days.  I had to pick through it to find pieces that looked good, and throw the rest out.  Made me so sad.

When I make tuna, I add mayo, mustard, and relish, simple and delicious.  Then it was time for LOST!  [Cue ranting and raving about the show.]

That show, we have a love hate relationship.  As the final credits rolled, my only thought was “stupid LOST”.  I just want to know what the hell is going on already!  What is with the numbers, why was Kate’s name not on Jacob’s wall, why is everyone so scared of Flocke (fake Locke), Claire is evil now, are her and Sayid going to team up and be evil together, why in the parallel time flashes is no one on the island?!?!?! Blaaaaaaaaaaaah.  I have more questions now than I did before, and I swear if this show ends with me not knowing everything, 1) I will cry, 2) I will fly to LA and hold the writers captive until they give me answers.  Ok, not really, but I will be very angry.

Ok, well happy hump day everyone!

6 Responses

  1. I really hate the day before grocery shopping- random dinners are never quite as satisfying for some reason…

    And the bagged lettuce thing- it’s a problem when you’re the only one eating it for sure! Lately, my salad craze has made this a non-issue, but usually I have to actually commit myself to eating salad 3 or 4 meals in a row so that I’m not wasting it! Stupid brown lettuce…

    • What’s sad is I probably won’t go to the store until the weekend, so dinners and lunches this week should be very interesting, or a lot of lean cuisines. blah.

  2. I’ve been a lettuce waster before, yep. Before as in “a lot.” I don’t watch LOST, but everyone I know who does raves!

  3. I am a perpetual lettuce waster…but I’m trying to stop that now that I feel the need for a food budget.

    And, don’t you love the feeling of a (improvised) foam roller. I seriously made myself cry with the foam roller this morning…but it was a good cry…kinda. 🙂

    • Foam rollers, real or improvised, really are the best thing ever. I don’t know why I never stretched with one before! I literally am wincing in pain every time it moves down my outer thigh.

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