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Enough is enough already!

Ok, seriously mother nature?  Seriously?

They just told us at work not to kill ourselves trying to get here tomorrow, which is nice of them, but then I don’t get paid.  Yup, I’m a stupid hourly employee who doesn’t get sick days or paid if the office is closed.  Well, at least February is almost half-way over.  I just wish I had someone to get snowed in with so I don’t die of boredom :(.

Alright anyway, randomly ended up at The Olive Garden for dinner.  It was lovely.  My cousin Drew is a Freshman at Rider, so they were in the area to see him and we all met up for dinner.  Umm, totally can’t take credit for these pictures because I forgot my camera, and the BB pics sucked.  Thanks olivegarden.com!

For an appetizer we ordered the Hot Artichoke and Spinach dip, and I had the Cheese Ravioli for my meal. I think there has maybe been one time that I went to Olive Garden and did not order the Cheese Ravioli, I am a creature of habit.  I still have four left for dinner tonight, yums.  Everyone else was going to the Rider vs. Niagara basketball game, but I was exhausted so I bailed and just went home to watch my Monday night line up.  How I Met Your Mother (who is she already?!), Accidentally on Purpose, and Life Unexpected.  Quality entertainment right there.

I have to brave the grocery store crowds AGAIN today to at least buy some food to have when we are snowed in tomorrow.  Thankfully I can avoid the liquor store since I ended up going to NYC on Friday night, and the bottle of wine I bought never got opened.  Looking like it’s going to be me and some OnDemand movies tomorrow, one in particular that I’m not allowed to tell the boyfriend I liked, if I do.

Time for the present picture of the day!

Only four more days until it’s revealed!  Mild forms of torture are greatly amusing to me.  Although, he did have his fun over the weekend by telling my that mine were hidden somewhere in the apartment not wrapped.  I was good though and did not snoop.

[knee update]
I stopped and cried on a street corner on Saturday night because trying to keep up with 3 boys all tall, hurrying in the cold, while in heels was way too painful to handle.  So yeah, it’s that good.

4 Responses

  1. whoa snow Scrooge. you really are getting old…I realize the snow makes your bones hurt and you can’t move very well but come on, we don’t get blizzards all that often. embrace it

  2. Oh my gosh, been there and done that with those heels. Yet will I give them up? NEVER!

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