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Case of the Tuesday’s?

I am currently very annoyed, irritated, and grumpy, and that’s a lot of emotion for 8:20 in the morning.  My knee did not hold up for last nights speed workout, not even a little bit, and today I am walking with a crucial limp because I can not bend and straighten my leg without collapsing in pain.  So imagine you have a board strapped to the back of your leg, yeah that’s how I’m walking.

I made it through my 10 minute warm-up just fine, a leisurely 10 min mile pace, and was feeling optimistic because there wasn’t any pain.  I paused the treadmill after the warm-up to stretch some before the faster intervals, and prepared for my ladder.  The first 200 was fine, but during the 400 I noticed something weird going on in the back of my knee.  It wasn’t hurting, but almost felt like there was something there, maybe extra fluid?  I’m not sure exactly how to explain it.  I slowed down for the recovery and started to mentally prepare for the 600, 800, and 1000.

It was during the 600 that I began to feel the first twinges of pain on the outside of my knee, and hoped I could get through before it became unbearable.  By the time I finished the 1000, I was almost in tears on the treadmill, now not only was the pain on the side but it felt like it was coming from everywhere.  During the recovery, I hopped off the treadmill to try and stretch it out, the rest of me was feeling great and I really wanted to finish this workout.  I started to work back down the ladder, and made it through another 800 and 600 before I couldn’t take another step.  Every time I landed on my right leg shooting pains went through my knee, and it felt like it was going to detach itself from the rest of my body.  Also, the weirdest part is that when I bent down to rub it, my knee was cold to the touch.  I felt the other one in comparison and that one was just as warm and sweaty as the rest of my body, but the right one felt like I had just taken an ice pack off of it.  Anyone ever had that before?

So yeah, the workout was awful, I have never  been in that much pain during a run before ever.  Full stats without the last 400, 200, and 10 minutes cool-down:

50.36 minutes
5.62 miles

Also, yesterday I was wrong, it wasn’t a 2 minute recovery between each, it was an equal time recovery, so 1 minute between the 200, 2 minutes between the 400, etc.

In honor of February being the one year anniversary since I decided to kick my post college, desk job, booty back into shape I’ll be writing about what brought me to that point, and how I ended up signed up for my first 10 mile race.  Look for that later today.

3 Responses

  1. oh… that sounds painful… I hate that feeling- you just don’t want to stop the workout because you know if you do, you won’t start back up again.

    I have a theory that Tuesdays are the worst day of the week. Although I think this week is my exception, given my mood yesterday…

    I hope the day gets better for you!

    • Yeah, it sucks, the thing that is annoying me the most is I know I won’t be able to run the rest of this week, I know you feel my pain there. I’m hoping with a few days of resting and icing it will be back to new.

  2. […] and attempted to get my speed work out in.  You can read about how disastrously that went, here.  After that failed workout, I couldn’t walk normally for a week because bending and […]

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