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And now, I cannot walk

Ok that’s a lie. I can walk, but it hurts. I suppose I should start at the beginning. Friday I realllly had to convince myself to go run, the temptation to come home from work and immediately plop on the couch with a glass of wine was huge but I made myself. Apparently my body really needed that Wednesday and Thursday break, because I had my best 4 mile run yet and I felt great. I left the gym feeling confident about my scheduled six miles on Saturday morning. Friday night was extremely unexciting, my W2 finally came in the mail so I filed my taxes, thanks Turbo Tax. Woooo! I’m so thrilling, I know, but I knew I was going shopping the next day and that return coming would make me feel better about spending money.

Ok so Saturday, I woke up wide awake absurdly early, 6:45, and said “oh hell no” and forced myself back to sleep for two more hours. I headed over to the gym and ran my six miles, which also felt really good, went home and got myself ready to meet my sis at the mall.

Friday’s Run
35 minutes
3.95 miles

Saturday’s Run
55 minutes
6.08 miles

I think it is safe to say that after my excursion to the mall yesterday I cannot go shopping again for a very long time. I bought a new pair of jeans, new sunglasses, another pair of uggs, and the boyfriends Valentines Day/anniversary present which I can’t talk about since he reads this.

The goods


After running 10 miles in two days and then three hours of shopping, my right knee officially started protesting, and by the time Col and I sat down to dinner I was practically limping in pain. I really have no idea what is wrong with it, my IT band maybe, but it hurts to bend it, straighten it, and walk on it. Odly, the only time it hasn’t hurt is while I am actually running, just after. It kept me up most of the night, because every time I moved the pain woke me up. I don’t know, hopefully it feels better tomorrow.

Anyway, back to dinner. It was a toss-up between California Pizza Kitchen and The Cheesecake Factory, and after seeing the massive line outside Cheesecake, we went with CPK. Now, my sister is not a shopper so after three hours in a mall with me she was in as much need of a drink as I was, we both went with sangria.

Glasses 1 of 2

They were both so good, for my second glass I ordered the white wine version, the red had Apple Pucker in it, so it was a little too sour for my taste. Dinner was amazing, as always we went with the spinach and artichoke dip appetizer, but ordered two new pizzas to share. The Buffalo Chicken and Santa Fe Chicken both on the honey wheat whole grain crust, and there was enough for us both to bring leftovers home, which I ate for lunch today.

Our favorite

Yummy pizza

It was really nice to see my sister and hang out with her, I think my favorite part of the evening though was when I went to drive her back to her car, and she couldn’t remember where in the parking garage she parked. We literally drove around for 15 minutes looking because all she remembered was parking against a solid wall on the ground floor. Oh Col, thank god you got a navigation system for Christmas, you really have the worst sense of direction.

Today I got all dressed with every intention of going to the Hallmark store to finish V-Day shopping, but that never happened. I sat on the couch all day, ugh I am such a lazy bum. Oh! I painted my nails, so everyone can stop being horrified at my chipped nail polish, which was slightly embarrassing when I was trying on rings in the jewelry store yesterday. The woman behind the counter kindly suggested I get a manicure before I think the bf is popping the question, I laughed and told her I had about three years to find time for an appointment. Don’t worry, I sent the bf a picture of the rings from the store, so he isn’t going to run away screaming when he reads this. Ok, off to watch the Grammy’s, I hope everyone had a fab weekend!

3 Responses

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