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Best Thursday ever!

Well I didn’t get to the gym last night, but that’s ok because look who I got to see and play with instead!

I know you see me taking your picture

That’s right, it’s the boyfriend who I hadn’t seen since New Years Eve!  Still hard at work, but at least he’s in the same state/zip/house as me.  Yesterday when I was getting ready to leave the office, I got a bbm from him asking what I was doing that night.  Going to the gym, making dinner, going to bed, you know the usual, and he asked if I wanted to hang out.  Sometimes we do this, pretend like we have a normal relationship and can hang out randomly.  So I responded, yeah I would love to punk, too bad you live two hours away.  To which he said that he had to go to a town in NJ about 45 minutes away from me to do something for work, and would I be interested in picking him up and bringing him home with me.  Well duh!  Of course I would be interested.  His bus got in at 6 pm, I picked him up and we got to eat dinner together (a very romantic meal from Taco Bell) and hang out all night.  Sadly he had to go back to NYC, so I dropped him off at the train station this morning and off he went.  It was the best start to the weekend though, and only one week until we see each other again!  I stayed up way past my bedtime/drank too much wine (again!) last night, so I definitely needed one of these this morning.

triple venti non-fat caramel machiatto

You can see the bagel in the background, also very necessary.  I will be hitting the gym hard tonight to make up for the two missed days, and tomorrow I am heading out to my favorite place on earth, King of Prussia Mall, to meet up with my sister for some shopping and dinner.  And then perhaps some drinking, college style, at Villanova with her.  Happy Friday everyone!

One Response

  1. That should just have an RF for “Rocket Fuel”

    I vote for college drinking

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