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Shameless product plugging, Biggest Loser style

Unfortunately, I will not get paid for advertising this like Biggest Loser does, but oh well.  I seriously recommend that any woman who lives alone, or

Hungry Girl Cookbook

cooks only for themselves goes out to buy this cookbook.  Actually, scratch that it is super easy to multiply the recipes for more than one person so everyone should go buy this.  My sister gave this to me for Christmas, and I started to go through it that day putting post-its on the recipes that I wanted to try.  As you can see, I pretty much put a post-it on every page.  Also, don’t judge me by my fingernails I know I need a manicure.  There are desert recipes, cocktail recipes, breakfast, recipes using fruit, chocolate, how to make over your favorite junk food, how to make your favorite guy food, favorite party foods, and everything is significantly lower in fat and calories but still delicious.  Seriously, buy it here!

Also, all of the recipes are easy and quick.  I don’t think I have encountered one yet that took me longer than 20-25 minutes to make.  Last night I made the Baja tacos, chicken, red peppers, onion, salsa, sour cream, and cheese.  I noticed after putting the sour cream on that the container had little spots of mold, but I was hungry didn’t see any on my taco so I ate it anyway.  Still alive today, so I guess it was fine.  Here’s a picture of my dinner, and my glass of red wine.  I accidentally drank almost the whole bottle, which is why I should never be trusted to open a bottle of wine when I’m alone.

Baja Tacos

Speaking of Biggest Loser, does anyone hate the green team as much as I do? My god, uncross your arms and stop looking pissed off for five seconds.  There are so many times while watching that show that I wish it were possible to punch someone through the TV.  I have to confess, I was totally eating potato chips on my couch while watching last night, but I worked out earlier so that negates itself, right?  RIGHT?!

Oh, my workout… um an easssy 35 minutes and 3.7 miles.  I was struggling from Mondays run, my knees and shins were hurting so I just tried to take it easy.  I can always count on some form of entertainment at the gym though, and last night did not disappoint.  Some crazy lady came and got on the treadmill next to me, I swear I could smell her perfume from 10 feet away, and I immediately start judging.  Tight yoga pants, a sports bra worn as a top, and a zip up hoodie unzipped, bellybutton ring sparkly and dangly.  Oh, did I mention this woman was at least 55?  Sigh, oh LA Fitness, what would I do without you.  Anywho, she smiled at me and said hello, I gave a reserved “hi” back, and then she asked me if I was running today, while I was in the act of running.  Um, what?  Hello!!!  No, clearly I am walking backwards.  Sometimes I don’t know how people survive in the world.

7 Responses

  1. I think my life would be considerably less entertaining if I didn’t go to the gym and run into characters such as that woman… love it.

    And I’ve had my fair share of accidently drinking more than intended. Enough to where some friends at work tell stories starting with, “So I pulled an Amy last night and accidently got drunk while making and eating dinner…” Whoopsies… Hence the reason I’m considering challenging myself to a “No Drink Week” or something to that extent.

    • A no drink week?! I would never make it, I need my glasses of wine to get through the week. I also frequently get texts from my friends when they are “turning into me” by drinking whole bottles of wine alone during the week. Haha oh well.

  2. You forgot to put tabs in the cookbook so you could find your favorites

  3. Haha that’s a funny story! She sounds like she was trying to social. hehe… Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve been interested in that cookbook but never got it. I’ll have to look into it!

  4. Totally buying this cookbook for Ben to make me dinners with…cause, let’s be honest, I don’t cook, and I don’t have you, Roomie, around to cook for me 🙂 Also, totally hate the Green Team and the negativity…do they know that working out and losing weight is at least 80% mental….that’s why you lost no weight, negative nancys!! And oh, I miss you 🙂

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