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Well, first things first!

Thanks to everyone who has been reading, I reached 1,000 views yesterday!  I hope you all enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it, keep reading!

Ok, I think I may have discovered the reason Mr. BO Who Thinks He’s a Drummer in a Band smells so bad.  Since he seems to follow me around the gym, (I’m not kidding he will be on one treadmill when I get there, so I pick one super far away, and then he moves to directly in front of me) I have the pleasure of smelling seeing him almost every day, and I noticed something.  He wears the exact same pair of shorts and Slayer t-shirt every day.  Now dude doesn’t strike me as the type to do laundry every night, and he sweats so much that it drips onto the treadmill belt so my guess would be those clothes smell rather ripe at the end of a workout.  And then he wears them for the next three days, oh god, the smell.  Anywho, that is my observation for the week, that and it is most likely Slayer he is listening and drumming to.

My fitness plan again called for a 25-35 minute slow run, which I really just can’t bring myself to do.  Plus, I had my new sneaks on and ready to break in and my new Nike sports bra and UA top.  I have a slight addiction to buying new running clothes.  I set the time at 40 minutes so I wouldn’t go too far beyond I was supposed to, and off I went.  A few minutes in, I noticed a tingling in my toes, crap my toes are falling asleep!  Does this happen to anyone else?  Usually it’s just when I am on the elliptical but sometimes when I’m running also.  I paused the treadmill, took off my shoes, massaged some feeling back into my toes, loosened the laces, retied my shoes, and started running again.

After another couple of minutes, I felt the familiar rubbing on the back of my heel that if ignored would lead to a blister, crap now I tied them too loose!  So I paused again and readjusted the laces, apparently it is going to take me a few times to figure out how to correctly tie my shoes.  I finished out my run without anymore shoe issues, and only had to blow my nose a few times. Hooray, this cold is almost gone!  In total, 37.10 and 4 miles.

I must have worked harder on Monday when I did the yoga DVD, because man was I feeling it yesterday.  My ass and inner thighs were so sore, stretching them out with a run felt so good.  Today however, some annoying outer knee pain that was bothering me is back, and my right hip flexor is pretty sore.  Maybe I’ll just elliptical it tonight, give the lower body some rest, guess I’ll wait and see how I’m feeling at the end of the day.

2 Responses

  1. How are his work out clothes not crispy? Grossness…

  2. you’re falling apart. Imagine how you’re going to feel 3o years from now…

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