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Back on the beaten path

Over the weekend I ventured out to Barnes and Noble to stock up on 2010 supplies; a wall calendar for work and a daily planner.  Yes, my desire to have things color coordinated and organized is somewhat OCD.  While I was there, I decided to check out the various books on running in the sports section, and wound up purchasing the Beginner’s Guide to Long Distance Running, by Sean Fishpool.  It is exactly what I wanted, less than 100 pages, information about proper gear, diet, cross training, injury prevention and treatment, and training schedules for distances from a 5k to marathon.

The book offers training plans for starter level, refresher level, intermediate level, and upper level.  After looking at the specifications, I placed myself in the intermediate level which assumes you are running 20-30 miles a week at a pace of 9-11 minute miles.  This week I’ve had the cold from hell, and routinely blow through half a box of tissues a day (ha ha no pun intended) so I was a little skeptical about starting this new fitness schedule.  Last night I decided to just suck it up, and my box of tissues and I headed to the gym.

Yesterdays workout was only supposed to be a 25-35 minute run at a slow pace (about 65 percent of your working heart rate, which I still have to figure out) but for someone who was logging anywhere from 5-8 miles each run decreasing my distance that much seemed counter productive.  Sooo I cheated, just a little bit though.  I did 37 minutes, which worked out to about 4.2 miles and I could have easily run more but I restrained myself.  I plan to follow this fitness schedule for the next five weeks before moving to the actual training schedule for my 10 mile run in May.  I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on how it’s going.

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