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Holiday Hangover

This is a long one kids, so go grab your flask a cup of coffee and a snack and get comfortable. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend, mine was jam-packed with family/friend gatherings all with plenty of alcohol so you know I have at least one story for you today.

Christmas Eve dinner was relatively uneventful, it was fantastic and fun. After dinner, my sister, the boyfriend and I all sat down to watch The Hangover; freaking hilarious. The security camera footage with the tiger at Mike Tyson’s house? Classic! However, I am now evaluating my desire to head to Las Vegas with the boyfriend for my 25th birthday. I don’t want him to accidentally marry a stripper, and pull out his own tooth.

Christmas Day started with mimosas and tons of present opening, after I managed to drag my sister out of bed. I think her exact words to me were, “You are a demon, it is not even 9:00 yet.” It was 8:56, close enough. I finally got a navigation system for my car, no more getting lost for me! Definitely spent a better part of the morning setting it up and trying to get a satellite signal from inside my house despite the very clear instructions to, “Go outside to an open space with clear access to the sky away from tall buildings and trees.” It was cold out, whatever. I also finally got the Pottery Barn jewelery box I had been drooling over for the past two years, apparently it was amusing how excited I was to organize all of my jewelry.

Now I just need tons more to fill it up with. (Hint, hint babe!) Pretty isn’t it? There is a spot for everything! Hooks to hang necklaces on, slots for rings, earrings, cushions to wrap bracelets around, and even a smaller version built-in to bring when traveling. I might lay in bed and stare at it at night, I would sleep with it and cuddle it if I could. So yeah, I like it a little bit. And now, to finally reveal what was in the box that had been torturing me since the beginning of November:

Fantastic right?! Do I not have the best boyfriend ever, or not? These, of course, immediately went on my feet and were mentally added to my New Years Eve ensemble. Broken ankles, sore feet and calves, who cares; the hotness to pain ratio will be worth it. I’m not quite sure who was more excited, me to get these shoes, or the boyfriend to finally be able to give them to me. Either way we were both pretty happy campers.  After presents and a huge breakfast, and a pretty decent champagne buzz, we ventured over to a family friends house for more drinking and eating.  This was one of those nights where the alcohol is flowing like water and when you look at your watch, you’re shocked by the fact that it is only 6 pm!  And then shocked that it was only 8 pm!   All this probably explains why we came home and subscribed to the karaoke channel for $7.99 a month, and then sang every song available for the next two hours.  Actually “sang” might be too strong of a word, scream at the top of our lungs is probably more accurate.  Either way, it was incredibly entertaining and when looking at the pictures the next day I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe.  Had to pull my hung over self together though for yet another family gathering and gear up for more drinking and eating.

My grandmother, my mom’s mom, is 81 and usually very dependable for some holiday entertainment and this year she did not fail.  Apparently she was not content with the presents she received from her family, and after she finished opening them just kept searching for more things to unwrap and stash with her pile.  Things that hurricane grandmom affected, my aunts Nutcracker,and an “L” shaped wall ornament (her last name starts with an “S”).  Despite my many tries at insisting that the “L” was not her gift, she just yelled, “Well whoever gave me this present thank you”.  Ooooh grandmom.  I warned my Aunt that she was stealing gifts, so hopefully everything went home with its rightful owner.

Christmas was a whirlwind this year, I couldn’t believe that it was time to go back to work this morning.  The boyfriend was a real trooper, and made it through his first Christmas with us relatively unscathed.  Only once was I tempted to throw something at him, and it was only a tomato, so he would have been fine I think I’ll invite him back next year.  Sunday was finally a day to relax with nowhere to go and no one to visit.  Went into Princeton, and did some shopping and had a very nice dinner and some quality alone time with Alex before he hopped on a train and headed back to New York.  Time to rest up for New Years!


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  1. gotta love grandmom…got to.

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