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A Frigid Friday

Maybe it was my subconscious letting me know that it was too damn cold outside, but when my alarm went of at 6:20 this morning I turned it off, burrowed into my down comforter, and feel asleep for another 20 minutes.  Whoops!  Thank god for casual Fridays when I can just throw on jeans and run out the door.  I think winter has officially settled in.  Remnants of the snow from the weekend:

Anyways, happy Friday and first day of Hanukkah everyone! I can’t believe that two weeks from today it will be Christmas, this holiday season is flying by.  I am so excited!  My boyfriend, Alex, is coming into town tonight and we are doing our first round of present exchanges, which means that I will be spending some quality time at the Hallmark store today buying wrapping paper and cards to finally wrap his gifts.  Not that I procrastinate or anything.  Here is another picture he sent to torture me, “it has a friend now!” he says:

Jerk.  Tomorrow the two of us are setting out on a six-hour road trip to Virginia Beach, his hometown, for a surprise birthday party for his mom.  Yup, that’s right, I’ll be meeting the whole family eek!  To say i’m nervous is an understatement, on the verge of a complete freak out is more accurate.  I met his dad last weekend in NYC, so that did help in calming me down a little bit, but I feel like moms are always the hardest to win over.  I also will get to meet Alex’s brother and his fiance, so it’s a big weekend for our relationship.  I am a giant mixture of nerves and excitement, so wish me luck.  Hopefully I have great things to report on Monday.

I’ll leave you with a picture of me and my baby, Pumpkin, cuddling on the couch last night trying to stay warm:


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