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Happy Holidays!

I will be the first one to admit that I get a tiny bit crazy around the holidays, I can’t help it I just love them!  Decorating the house for Christmas is one of my favorite parts, and when I was in high school my mom would let me stay home for a day if I promised to put up all of the decorations.  This year my sister and I broke out the booze and the decorations at the same time, she might have called me a slave driver, or something like that, i’m not sure I was busy with tree lights.  Does anyone else hate those damn things as much as i do?  One goes out and that’s it, the strand is finished.  I don’t care what the box says, they in fact do not stay lit if one light goes out.  I spent a lot of time with my hands on my hips cursing at the tree.  Here’s a picture of the tree, with half the lights out and my cat chilling underneath:

That cat is crazy, i’m not kidding, it probably has something to do with the two years she spent at JMU with me, but she will spend the entire holiday season either under or in that tree.   Here’s the finished tree, I finally gave up on the lights actually attached to it and just bought some new ones to fill in the dark spots:

My other favorite parts of the holidays are the presents obviously!  Not just getting them, but I really love giving people things that I know they’ll love.  I am a huge snoop and usually find all my gifts before Christmas morning (babe I totally searched through your closet while you were in the shower on Sunday morning).  That’s all his fault though, he can’t send pictures like this:

and expect me to not look for it, I was only going to shake it, I swear! Sigh, only 15 more days, I think I can make it.  My mom likes to joke with me that I’m not getting anything I asked for for Christmas, I don’t really find that very funny.  What is the point in giving her a list if she isn’t going follow it?  These are a few things that were on my list this year:

  • These adorable UGGs, because I can never have too many pairs
  • This great coat from J.Crew, or anything from J.Crew
  • I’ve asked for this jewelry box from Pottery Barn for the past two years
  • A navigation system for my car, I have a terrible sense of direction
  • Or just money in general to help me pay my bills, haha

Not too bad, just a few things.  I’m also really excited to celebrate Hanukkah for the first time this year.  I get to give the boyfriend his presents this weekend!  I suppose I should get around to wrapping them then… hmm.  Well Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays!

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