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Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday again?  Really?  The weekends fly by too freaking fast, this one was fun and eventful though.  Friday night I accompanied my mom to her work Christmas party, hey open bar and free food?  Sign me up!  We danced, we ate, we drank, and then I fell off my4-inch heel and twisted my ankle, sigh, beauty is pain.  Here is a picture of my mom and I at the party:

Saturday morning a bagel and coffee were definitely in order, is there really anything better for a hangover, and got myself ready to head up to NYC for the rest of the weekend.  My boyfriend, Alex, was taking his LSATS that morning and I had to be there to help him celebrate when they were over.  Off to the train station I went, and 89 minutes later, courtesy of NJ Transit, I was standing in Penn Station.

Alex arrived on the Long Island Railroad a few minutes later, and we ventured out into the snow/rain to MJ Armstrong’s where his friend Ryan was having an open bar birthday party from 4-7.  What did I tell you, open bar, sign me up!

Sadly however, our night did not last much past 7, as my exhausted, drunk, and LSAT drained boyfriend fell asleep at 8 pm.  Despite my best efforts of jumping on the bed, physically pulling his eyeballs open, and shaking him he would not wake up.  So my night ended with some pizza and Lifetime Movie Network, hey not all bad!

Sunday was full of NYC holiday touristy activities.  We went to Rockefeller Center and took pictures of the tree; here is one of my favorites:

We went to Tiffany’s and checked out some things, specifically on the 2nd floor, my favorite! And then saw an amazing show on Broadway.  The show was A Steady Rain, starring Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman, and I personally love me some Wolverine.  The two of them sit on the stage for 90 minutes just narrating this play, it was really incredible.  A great time in NYC as always!

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